Letter from Ross to Porcfest, 6/8/2017.

Hey Porcfest,

I got some bad news recently. It looks like the Feds want to hold on to me a little longer, so I can’t be there with you this year again. Mostly I want you to know that, while the ruling was disappointing, it is not discouraging, I have not given up on freedom and hold out hope that the Supreme Court, a presidential pardon, or some other legal avenue will right the wrong that’s been done to me. Some day, whether it’s because I’ve finally been vindicated, or because there is no recourse left, I will tell my side of the Silk Road story and set the record straight.

Your faith in me and all of your support in the mean time is truly inspiring. I draw strength from you daily and find the will to keep fighting. Epictetus, a stoic philosopher, once said “It’s not event themselves that disturb people, but only their judgements about them”.When the appelate court affirmed my conviction, all that actually happened was some men wrote some words down. No one died. The next day was largely the same as the one before it. Life goes on. Our only choice is how to live this day and then the next. Whatever difficulties you face right now, put aside your judgements about them and live what life you have to its fullest. Our days are too short and precious to waste.

All my love,

Invitation to join him in meditation, June 2017.

On June 28th 2016, a book came to me in the mail called “The Mind Illuminated”. It is a thorough guide in establishing a meditation pratice and training to become an adept. I started reading it that same day and began my pratice. I haven’t missed a day since. I still don’t know who sent me that book, but I’m so grateful to them and to the authors. Every day I sit for an hour and the burden of my imprisonment disappears. I step outside my thoughts and emotions and find a state of joy, tranquility, and equanimity. I feel connected and grateful to be alive.

On June 28th, 2017, I invite you to join me for my first anniversary of practice. I’ll be meditating from 4-5pm EST. For any amount of time during that hour just sit comfortably but attentively, relax and focus on the sensations of your breath. When you notice your mind has wandered, just focus on your breath again. That’s it! In this way, we can connect, despite the bars and walls.

– Ross

Letter from Ross to the Nexus Conference, 8/29/2017.

Hi everyone,
I’m here in the law library of the Federal Pen in Florence, Colorado, not too far from where you are now. I’m spending most of my time in here reading case law and fighting for my freedom with all I have, but I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for hosting my mom and listening to what she has to say. As I’m sure she’ll tell you if she hasn’t already, my struggle isn’t just about getting out of this case because my success or failure has broad ramifications. The precedents the courts have set by ruling on the various issues in my case affect each and every one of us and are shaping the world we live in, especially in the areas of privacy and our constitutional rights. Until it was my life on the line, it never occurred to me that I could make a difference by fighting legal battles, but the truth is that we can have a real impact by winning, and it’s a battleground we can’t afford to ignore. I wish I could be there with you all, but for now I’ll get back to my work until the effort pays off. Enjoy the conference and ask Lyn lots of questions 🙂

Letter from Ross to the Crypto Show, 7/30/2015.

To everyone at the Crypto Show:
I write to express my gratitude for all you are doing on my behalf. My mom, Lyn, tells me you’ve gone above and beyond, contributing to the fundraising effort, and directing your creativity and energy toward my cause. Thank you!
It speaks volume about your character that you would do this for someone you’ve never met, but I also get that this fight is not just about me. What they’ve done and continue to do to me threatens all of us who love liberty.
They fought tooth and nail trying to secure my conviction, but went way too far suppressing all of the evidence that contradicts their story. Now it’s our turn to pull out the stops and show exactly what was done, so the wrongs can be set right, and this terrifying precedent rolled back.
I wish I would be there with you, but I’m on a different path for now. No matter where I am though, know that I will always stand with you for freedom.

Your friend,

Letter from Ross to Porcfest, July 2015.

Note: With Ross’ permission, a few words were changed as per the attorneys’ guidance. It was a question of semantics and incorrect use of legal terms, not a change of meaning.
Hi Porcfest,
I’m writing you from my cell in New York City. Sorry I couldn’t make it this year. Unfortunately the worst case scenario has played out for me and I’ve been sentenced to spend the rest of my life in prison. I am an eternal optimist though and will never give up hope for my release. I have confidence that the appeals court will recognize the errors by some and outright corruption by others in the government and give me some kind of remedy. It could be a new trial, where hopefully the whole story can be told, or the case could be dismissed altogether.
In many ways, my struggle is just gettting started now that it’s going to the higher courts, so I still need your help. Mounting an effective appeal is not easy. I’m confident in my team but there’s only so much we can do without your donations. What we can be sure of is that the government will spend as many of your tax dollars as needed to keep me behind bars, so please help however your can.
I hope my story has shed some light on some of the issues we face these days. There are many, but please don’t let what’s happened to me lead you to despair. Keep standing for liberty and respect for our rights. Keep fighting for your freedom and eventually we will win.

Excerpts from letters to friends and family.

July 1, 2017
“So, I’ ve been practicing gratitude at every opportunity, especially in the morning to kick the day off right and as I fall asleep at night. There are so many things to be grateful for, from the basic necessities (food, water, etc.), to our bodies, minds, and health, to the people we care about and on and on. You could literally give thanks all day long and not cover everything. And the effect is transformative. It’s the difference between seeing things as scarce and abundant.”
November 12, 2016
“Your musings and mine intersect when it comes to being and striving. I try to find a balance, too. One way I think of it is that “being / enjoyment / happiness / satisfaction” is the goal and striving the means to it. If you lose sight of that and spend your whole life striving, and never enjoy it, then you’ve missed a big part of living.”
May 9, 2016
“I think it’s just great that you’ve taken up this one kindness a day idea. At the end of any given day you can usually look back and find some kindness you did, but premeditated and deliberate kindness I think is really good for you because it interrupts the habitual focus we usually put on ourselves.”