Letter from Ross to the Crypto Show

Thursday July 30th, 2015

To everyone at the Crypto Show:

I write to express my gratitude for all you are doing on my behalf. My mom, Lyn, tells me you’ve gone above and beyond, contributing to the fundraising effort, and directing your creativity and energy toward my cause. Thank you!
It speaks volume about your character that you would do this for someone you’ve never met, but I also get that this fight is not just about me. What they’ve done and continue to do to me threatens all of us who love liberty.

They fought tooth and nail trying to secure my conviction, but went way too far suppressing all of the evidence that contradicts their story. Now it’s our turn to pull out the stops and show exactly what was done, so the wrongs can be set right, and this terrifying precedent rolled back.

I wish I would be there with you, but I’m on a different path for now. No matter where I am though, know that I will always stand with you for freedom.


Your friend,