Uncageable (2020)

“Uncageable” is a powerful drawing and poem by Ross. Drawn and written in prison during the grueling 2020 year of coronavirus lockdown (Ross was locked in his cell every day for 22 to 24 hours).

From the light of freedom to a concrete tomb,
The fall was great and swift.
My soul cried out in a mighty boom,
How could it come to this?

Clamped down, trapped stuck,
Paralyzed in a tiny cage.
Had fate left me not a drop of luck?
Was there reason for this rage?

Told to lay down and die,
Something deep inside me stirred.
I can’t be caged I have to fly!
Not yet am I interred.

They can take my body, tie me down,
It matters not a bit.
My spirit still runs wild and free,
So in freedom here I sit.

At the end of 2021, Uncageable was sold in an NFT auction, along with other artworks from Ross. On Ross’s behalf, part of the auction proceeds have been dedicated to charity through a fund called Art4Giving.

For a few months in 2020, “Uncageable” was displayed in SoHo, Manhatthan, thanks to a generous supporter. We hope this raised awareness of Ross’s case and unfair sentencing.