Letter from Ross to Porcfest


Hey Porcfest,

I got some bad news recently. It looks like the Feds want to hold on to me a little longer, so I can’t be there with you this year again. Mostly I want you to know that, while the ruling was disappointing, it is not discouraging, I have not given up on freedom and hold out hope that the Supreme Court, a presidential pardon, or some other legal avenue will right the wrong that’s been done to me. Some day, whether it’s because I’ve finally been vindicated, or because there is no recourse left, I will tell my side of the Silk Road story and set the record straight.

Your faith in me and all of your support in the mean time is truly inspiring. I draw strength from you daily and find the will to keep fighting. Epictetus, a stoic philosopher, once said “It’s not event themselves that disturb people, but only their judgements about them”.When the appelate court affirmed my conviction, all that actually happened was some men wrote some words down. No one died. The next day was largely the same as the one before it. Life goes on. Our only choice is how to live this day and then the next. Whatever difficulties you face right now, put aside your judgements about them and live what life you have to its fullest. Our days are too short and precious to waste.


All my love,