Letter from Ross to the Reason Conference



Hi everyone,
Thank you for inviting my mom to speak at this event. We’ve both been so excited for it because, from the beginning and at every turn, Reason has covered my case fairly and in a way that gets across the bigger issues. Sometimes I’ll see an article about me and cringe because I fear I’m about to read another sensationalized version of the government’s story, but in my monthly issues of Reason Magazine, when I’m mentioned, I feel hopeful because the points I want people to hear are being articulated beautifully. When I’m done reading, I pass my mag to the next guy and the next. Our ideas are finding fertile ground in the minds of my fellow prisoners.


When I heard Reason was sponsoring an amicus brief for my Supreme Court petition, it put wind in my sails and when I read it, I was so touched because I know I’m not alone in this fight. Knowing that people like you haven’t forgotten me makes a world of difference from where I sit, so thank you.