Letter to Supporters (2019)

Hi everyone,
This note is hard to write. I want to be there with all of you so bad. I’ve been locked up the better part of a decade now. It’s hard. Every day wears on me a little more. I have to believe there is a happy ending to all of this, where I’m there in person, talking about it in the past tense with you. But when I meet gray haired men who’ve been down 20 or 25 years, also condemned to die behind these walls, it’s hard not to see myself in them. My soul shudders, and I cling to the hope of deliverance, of some miracle lifting me from this pit. The only way I can cope is to accept the worst-case scenario, that I’ll grow old and die in here, having spent about 50 years in prison. I weep for what could have been. However, I want you to know, as hard as this road is, it would be much harder if I was forgotten and left to my fate. Instead, after all this time, you’re still pulling for me. You still believe in the possibility of liberty and the victory my release will be. I don’t know when or if it will come, but if it does, years and years of pain will be washed away. It will be a time of celebration for us all. I hope to see you then.


With love and respect,

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