Ross’s invitation to join him in meditation

June 2017

On June 28th 2016, a book came to me in the mail called “The Mind Illuminated”. It is a thorough guide in establishing a meditation practice and training to become an adept. I started reading it that same day and began my practice. I haven’t missed a day since. I still don’t know who sent me that book, but I’m so grateful to them and to the authors. Every day I sit for an hour and the burden of my imprisonment disappears. I step outside my thoughts and emotions and find a state of joy, tranquility, and equanimity. I feel connected and grateful to be alive.


On June 28th, 2017, I invite you to join me for my first anniversary of practice. I’ll be meditating from 4-5pm EST. For any amount of time during that hour just sit comfortably but attentively, relax and focus on the sensations of your breath. When you notice your mind has wandered, just focus on your breath again. That’s it! In this way, we can connect, despite the bars and walls.


– Ross