Letter from Ross to the Bitcoin Superconference

February 2018

Hi everyone,
Thank you for hosting my mom and hearing all she has to say. My Supreme Court petition is on track, thanks to the support many of you have given me over the years. Truly, there is much love in this community.
So, this is an exciting time for Bitcoin isn’t it? When I first learned about it, it was trading for 6 cents or so. It’s incredible to see something increase 300,000 fold in value…wow! I saw its potential back then to transform our world and it hasn’t disappointed. If anything, it has exceeded my expectations. Now there’s a multitude of alt-coins that have sprung up and found their niche. With dozens of coins experimenting with variations on Satoshi’s invention, I have faith that we’ll find the optimal path forward, learning from each other’s mistakes and copying success.
We are in the middle of a profound technological revolution. It’s beautiful and awesome. I’m grateful just bearing witness to it. It’s also a profound opportunity. Our subculture is having an outsized influence on society right now that will only grow. We are the future my friends.
I’ve been in prison for a few years now, so I’m “out of the loop,” but it’s given me perspective as well. Now more than ever, we need a measure of self-reflection. Let us not forget our roots as we push ahead. Let us stay grounded in the principles that Bitcoin was incubated in: decentralization, a focus on empowering individuals, and a community of love and respect. I’m proud of how we’ve flourished and optimistic that the best is yet to come. I’m fighting every day for my freedom and am hopeful that one day I’ll be out there with you.

All my love,