Ross’s letter to Ross-A-Thon

December 2016

Hi everyone,
Ross here, writing from the federal prison in Manhattan. I wish I could be tuning in with you to hear what everyone has to say and get involved in the discussion, but I’ll have to settle for this letter. I should get a copy of the comments and such, so if you have a message for me, just leave it there.
My message to you is one of great gratitude and love. The past few years have been such a challenge for me and my family. The level of stress and anxiety feels insurmountable at time. Truthfully, I don’t know if I’ll ever get out. Will I end up like some of the old men in my housing unit that have spent more years locked up than not ? Or will my conviction or sentence be overturned, giving me a second chance ? We just don’t know.
The future is uncertain, but still I feel so blessed because you’ve always been there for me. I may have fallen, but I didn’t fall far. You caught me, lifted me up, and carried me through this ordeal. Without you, I’m sure I would’ve sunk into despair, but your unceasing love and support renew my hope daily and keep me focused on being strong and healthy and winning my freedom back.
After all you’ve done for me, I hate to ask for more, but we were surprised with a $14K bill just to print and bind the appeal for the judges to read, and at a time that we’re really stretched thin. Anything you can spare toward paying it off would help so much.
Also, a big thanks to those who volunteered their time to make this event possible—the speakers, and everyone coming out to show me support. I’m with you today in spirit, and God willing I’ll see you soon as a free man.
For Liberty,