Precedents Being Set


“The trial and sentence of Ross Ulbricht demonstrate the heights that over-criminalization, the Drug War, and technophobia have reached in the United States. They also show how Fourth Amendment and Due Process rights have hit rock-bottom.”
– Jim Harper. Constitutional Lawyer, Technology Policy Analyst

The Silk Road case is about much more than one man or one website. It has far-reaching impact in the digital age.

High profile cases are used to set bad precedent that we all must live with. The courts are grappling with how 20th Century law applies to the 21st Century, and what is decided in the courts now, in Ross’ case and others, will impact us all.


Important precedents include:

Assault on Privacy
Illegal spying

Assault on Free Speech
Condemned for a philosophy

Uncharged Allegations
Who needs a jury?

The Failed Drug War
The prosecution doubles down

Excessive Sentencing
Caging of Americans

Prosecutorial Abuse
Kings of the courtroom

Who’s Responsible?
Users or providers?

Lowered Evidence Standards
Digital = Reliable?