Major Issues at Trial

Ross’s trial began on January 13, 2015 in New York. It was presided over by Judge Katherine Forrest.

Major issues at trial:

  • Blocked cross-examination
    • DHS agent testimony pointed to alternate perpetrator, yet questioning disallowed and his testimony stricken from trial record
    • Questioning regarding Ross’s laptop and how the evidence found on it was handled repeatedly curtailed
Protesters at Ross’s trial in NYC
  • Prosecution hid information and evidence from jury
    • Controlled narrative
    • Existence of two corrupt agents at the core of the investigation forbidden from being mentioned in front of the jury
    • Ross’s libertarian views prohibited
    • Mention of legal and harmless items sold on Silk Road prohibited, and much more
On May 29, 2015, Ross was sentenced to double life without parole + 40 years, on five non-violent charges.