Steadfast Support From the Crypto Community

Since his arrest, the crypto and tech communities have been fervent supporters of Ross and his freedom.
Additionally, over 70 organizations and major figures support Ross’s release from prison.
His petition for clemency surpassed 100,000 signatures in the first four months. Please join us and sign it here.

Rob Viglione
Co-Founder of Horizen
Kevin McKernan
Co-Founder of Medicinal Genomics
Paul Puey
Co-Founder of Edge
Joel Valenzuela
Partner at Dash
Danny Sessom
Co-Founder/Co-Host of The Crypto Show
Rolf Versluis
Co-Founder of Horizen
Car Gonzalez
Founder of Thriller Podcasts
Justin Szilard
Head Writer at Dash Force News
Linda Butcher
Co-Founder of
Levis Caycedo
Business Development at Horizen
Jake Katzmarek
Co-Founder of Texas Blockchain Fndn
Terry Langston
Investment Advisor at Eggers Capital
Chris Horlacher
Co-Founder of Equibit Group
Erik Finman
World’s Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire
Bruce Fenton
Founder of Atlantic Financial
Chris Groshong
Founder of CoinStructive
Tim Picciot
Crypto Wealth Advisor
Nathan Bode
Community Support at Horizen
Nathan Freeman
Organizer of Anarchapulco Conference
James Albritton
Officer at Texas Blockchain Foundation
Vesa Kivinen
Crypto Artist | Writer at NewsBTC
Rosa Shores
Co-Founder of BlockSpaces
Sasha Hodder
Crypto Attorney at DTL Law Group
Jeff Clarkin
Host of Art on the Blockchain Podcast
Joshua Marriage
Global Spokesperson at Cloak Coin
Maxine Ryan
Co-Founder of Bitspark
Ruben Elizondo
Country Representative at Horizen
Co-Founder of KRBE Digital Assets Group