The Case

The Federal government has convicted Ross Ulbricht of seven felony counts based on the accusation that he created and operated the anonymous online marketplace Silk Road, under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR). ... Read More

Why this matters

This case opens new legal territory. It will set precedent for the 21st century and pave the way for new laws and interpretations that could impact the future and freedom of the Internet. Bad law could be ushered in that we will be forced to live with. Read More 

Our Goal

To fight for the right to a fair trial, one of the bulwarks of our liberty. For the suppressed evidence to be revealed. To finance Ross’ appeal of the verdict and sentence. To have precedents set in this case reversed. To have Ross ultimately be a free man. Despite our owing them a huge amount of money, Ross’ attorneys are not deserting him. They are preparing for the appeal with great energy and determination. Read More 

How to Help

Every donation helps and none is too small. Credit card, PayPal, bitcoin all work to help defend Ross, Internet privacy and our personal liberty. Read More