“I’ve spent a hundred hours talking to people who knew Ross over the years, and what I find truly remarkable is that there hasn’t been a single person who disliked him. People have told me he was kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and how he was helpful and caring to everyone, especially to those in society that most people judge and ignore.”  
Email to Lyn Ulbricht from Nick Bilton

Who is Ross?

He is an Eagle Scout, who loves nature and the wilderness.

He was an academic honors student and scholarship recipient.

At the Nanotech Institute at UT Dallas, he worked on the Organic Solar Cell project to develop advances in solar energy. He is the author of scientific publications on the subject.

His graduate research at Penn State also benefited humanity, through the creation and development of oxide thin films for use in technology.

He was a business owner (Good Wagon Books) who donated 10% of his gross earnings to Explore Austin, a group that mentors inner city youth; and donated leftover books to Inside Books, a prison literacy program.

He has consistently contributed to charitable efforts, including Well Aware, a project to bring clean drinking water to poor families in Kenya.

He is a beloved son, grandson, brother and cousin who is close to his parents and extended family and has the total support of all of them.

He is friend to many, and inspires loyalty and support. People he hasn’t seen in years have stepped up to contribute bail pledges, defense funds and character letters.

He is playful, fun, and sociable, with a great sense of humor.

He is peace loving and would never condone violence.

He is movie star handsome, yet humble and unpretentious.

He is friendly and treats everyone with respect and kindness, regardless of their station, age, income or cool factor.

He is generous and helpful, there when you need him, always with a good attitude.

He is kind and compassionate, to both people and animals.

He is highly intelligent, yet never talks down to anyone.

He is idealistic and motivated to help people. A philosopher with high standards.

He is a man of integrity, impeccably honest and trustworthy. His word is as good as gold.

He is not motivated by money, and has lived a simple life with modest possessions. Most recently he shared a house with three roommates who became his close friends, hosted his parents, visited him in jail and testified on his behalf at trial.

If you knew Ross, you would like him. Everybody does. As people who know this man we caution you: do not believe everything you read!

Who is Ross?

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