Government Narrative

Controlled Narrative

To serve its narrative, in addition to adding uncharged crimes, the government kept out evidence that cast doubt that Ross was the only DPR, a ruthless kingpin motivated by money, who would do anything to protect his empire. For example, the defense moved to admit a statement made to prosecutors by Andrew Jones, former Silk Road administrator called Inigo. The statement supported the defense theory that there had been multiple people acting as DPR and the identity of DPR had changed in September 2013, shortly before Ross’s arrest. The prosecutors fought having even this simple fact presented to the jury, and the judge agreed.

U.S Attorney Serrin Turner
Illustration: Susie Cagle

In addition, the jury was not to know:

  • That there were many legal and harmless items sold on Silk Road like gold, art, books, raw milk.
  • Ross’ peaceful, libertarian views.
  • That Ross has a loving family who supports him. (He was forbidden to turn around in the courtroom and smile at us while the jury was present).
  • Lead investigator Christopher Tarbell’s testimony [PDF]. Tarbell signed the criminal complaint, lead the arrest team and claims he located the server (widely debunked by experts). Yet he was barely mentioned at trial and the defense did not have the opportunity to cross examine him about the server or his investigation.