Government Hid Information From Jury

The Government:

  • Kept all information about the corrupt agents from the defense for nearly nine months, revealing it only five weeks before trial.
  • Prevented the defense from independently investigating the corruption, including subpoenaing DEA Agent Force to testify at trial.
  • Refused to respond to numerous discovery requests from the defense.
  • Did not disclose until after the trial the existence of Shaun Bridges, corrupt NSA agent and computer forensics expert on the Maryland investigation.
  • Insisted the corruption be kept sealed to not compromise the investigation. Yet, the agents had known for months that they were under investigation and had been interviewed by law enforcement!
  • Refused the defense request to delay trial until after the corruption investigation, invoking “the people’s right to a speedy trial.”
  • Repeatedly used the corruption secret as an excuse to preclude valuable defense evidence.
  • Repeatedly stymied defense efforts to introduce favorable evidence during trial

Consequently, the government deprived the jury of essential facts. Not disclosing evidence favorable to a defendant violates the Brady Rule and the Due Process clause of the U.S. Constitution.