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Make checks payable to: Ross Ulbricht Legal Defense Fund

Send to:  Ulbricht family P.O. Box 163602, Austin, TX  78716

Tax Deductible Option

Support defense of American prisoners, including Ross’s appeal, with a tax deductible contribution to:

the American Black Cross, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit civil liberties defense organization.

Donate and receive an audio book from!

As a bookseller, Ross donated books to the Prison Literacy Program. Now, thanks to a generous supporter, you can get an audio book by supporting his defense!
Upon request, donors to the defense fund will receive codes for free audio books on

$15 > $29: 1 audio book
$30 > $44:  2 audio books
$45 > $59:  3 audio books
$60 > $74:  4 audio books
$75 > $85  5 audio books
$86 > $100  6 audio books

Over $100: contact us for quantity discounts.

If you want an audio book, simply include a note when you donate and we’ll email you codes for your free audio books! You can use an Amazon account to access. You do not need an Audible account.

100% of donations go to the
Ross Ulbricht Legal Defense Fund.

We are up against the full force of the federal government. We are not the family of a wealthy kingpin.  We own no bitcoin.  There is no hidden wallet. We are regular people taking on a giant fight against a Goliath.

We can’t fight this alone. Any gift, of any amount, helps. Every Amazon purchase made through this site helps. Every purchase from our store helps.  No donation is too small. Please join us!

Chip in on Ross’s Commissary account

Ross can supplement his diet and buy other necessities through the prison commissary. If you would like to contribute, go to Click “Sending money to an inmate.” The facility choice is Federal Bureau of Prisons. Send to Ross Ulbricht, #18870-111 in the required format. Note: often we have to just call this in, as the website doesn’t work consistently.

#4fb0fe Raised $714,723 towards the $950,000 target.