Bail Denied

Unlike many murderers, rapists, child molesters and other violent criminals, Ross, a first-time, non-violent offender, was denied bail by Judge Kevin Fox on November 21, 2013 in the Southern District of New York.[1]

Judge Fox was presented with a substantial bail package including 70 letters strongly attesting to Ross’s character (a record in his attorney’s long experience). Ross’s parents raised over a million dollars in bail commitments and pledges from friends and family. 

Judge Kevin Nathaniel Fox –
Illustration: The Telegraph

These pledges represented the life savings, homes and property of regular people, many with few assets.  They did not take this risk merely because they love Ross. They did it because they trust him. And they trust him because he has demonstrated throughout his life that he is a reliable man of integrity.

Some of the typical comments regarding bail were:

“I have pledged all my savings because I know and trust Ross. I cannot emphasize enough that trustworthiness and reliability are at the core of who Ross is.”

“I am putting up my life’s savings towards the bail effort. I would be ruined if I were to lose this money. But I know Ross, and I have total faith in him and his promise not to flee.”

“We are putting up our house toward Ross’s bail.  I would never consider jeopardizing the roof over our heads if I didn’t think Ross was completely trustworthy.”

These letters came from different countries and all age groups. “Individuals from all aspects and time periods of Mr. Ulbricht’s life affirm that his reliability and integrity have been constants throughout his life,” Joshua Dratel, Ross’s attorney, wrote in the letter to the court.

Ross’s family was stunned to hear the prosecutor, Serrin Turner, dismiss these letters by declaring that none of the writers knew who Ross really was. As one family member later wrote: “I was shocked in disbelief, listening to the federal prosecutor’s extensive recitation of unproven allegations.”

It is interesting timing how five unproven, false allegations of planning violence were revealed right on bail hearing day—but were conspicuously absent from the indictment a few months later.[2] Ross’s attorney received the information only the evening before the bail hearing, making it impossible for him to discuss with Ross and challenge the accusations at the hearing. These allegations were used against Ross to deny him bail.

During the bail hearing, Dratel made the case that even people charged with serious offenses have been granted bail for decades. He pointed out that if Ross didn’t flee in the past, he would not flee now, when it would devastate his family.

“If he [Ross] is supposed to be this criminal mastermind that they’re alleging, he would have run after DHS agents interviewed him at his home in July.”
 Defense attorney, Joshua Dratel.

The denial of bail was a violation of Ross’s Eighth Amendment rights and was the beginning of a long, arduous fight.


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