When your loved one is in prison, holidays are especially difficult. Mother’s Day is no exception. No matter what mistakes our children may have made, we mothers steadfastly love them. If they suffer, we suffer. If their lives are wasting away in a cage, we are also trapped. This is true even when they have done something truly terrible. But when they are good, harmless people it is especially agonizing. It is impossible to see how the suffering inflicted, not only on them but on their families, helps anyone or anything. How wasting their lives serves any good purpose. There are multiple thousands like this, being warehoused in prisons throughout the U.S. And I know many of their mothers.

It is said that the fiercest animal is the one defending her young. It is a primal, irresistible force that works within us mothers. A devoted mother will fight for her child to the end of her strength and at her own risk.  It is true from penguins to grizzlies, orangutans to whales.

So take notice you people who are caging our children to further your agenda. You are incurring the wrath of a growing army of desperate and determined mothers who will never, who can’t ever, give up until our children are home.