Lyn and Ross, 1985

Today is a bittersweet day for us. We are blessed to have our child. But when that child is in prison, we mothers are imprisoned too. When they suffer, we suffer. We can never forget them; we can never rest as long as they are caged. Ross said that he and other inmates were talking about their mothers, and everyone agreed it is mom who will stand by you for no matter how long, no matter what comes. It is mom who will always love you.

This is not because we’re such great people. It’s because we have no choice. We are bound by mother love. It has been discovered that cells pass from the unborn child to the mother, and then persist in the mother’s body for the rest of her life. We are our children.

Motherhood is an instinctual call to arms against whatever harms one’s child. And that’s why a devoted mother will defend and fight for her child to the end of her strength. And that’s why, no matter how small we are as just one person, we are a formidable force.