Austin, TX – July 20, 2015 – The Bitcoin and Liberty communities have joined together to help Ross Ulbricht appeal his conviction and double life sentence. The ruling was for all non-violent charges, based on Ulbricht’s creation and participation in the Silk Road website.

Fundraiser participants believe that Ulbricht did not get a fair trial; that he received a draconian sentence that did not fit the charges; and that the Silk Road case will usher in precedents that threaten internet freedom and privacy.

“We who owe so much to Ross’s ideas and innovations can make a difference,” Danny Sessoms, event organizer, said. “If Ross wins the appeal, these precedents could be reversed and Ross Ulbricht could be free. But the Ulbricht family cannot fund it alone and we are stepping up to help.”

Many well-known activists have donated goods and services to the fundraiser. They include Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed, who has offered his controversial gun The Ghost Gunner; Roger Ver, known as “the Bitcoin Jesus”; Alex Winter, creator and director of the documentary Deep Web; and Adam Kokesh, talk show host and author.

The Crypto Show, based in Ulbricht’s hometown of Austin, TX, is spearheading the effort.  All funds raised go directly to cover legal expenses. More information about the case is at

Danny Sessoms
The Crypto Show
[email protected]