The following letter was sent to Bill O’Reilly after his coverage of Ross Ulbricht’s sentencing. The coverage was hyperbolic and contained several factual errors.
Dear Bill,

You jumped into the middle of a real travesty and then added salt to the wound.  You didn’t bother to research Ross’s trial.  This trial was unjust, not just my opinion.  Check out the article in Forbes Magazine and many others.  Ross did not create this website for drug use; as a Libertarian and young idealist, he created it for free market without government interference.  It went out of control and as a young man he was overwhelmed.  As far as the deaths which occurred, as tragic as these are, I firmly believe that these users would have gotten drugs elsewhere.  Personal responsibility and accountability need to be addressed, but I understand the need for the grieving parents to place blame elsewhere.  The dealers were not tried, just Ross who created the website – how much sense does that make?  I hope you will consider taking another look at the entirety of this case and not just the sentencing.

Suzanne Howard
Austin, Texas