The government has filed a motion to block the defense from bringing its own bitcoin expert, world-renowned Andreas Antonopoulos (whom they snidely call a purported “expert”) to testify about bitcoin. They say his testimony about bitcoin is “irrelevant.”

Yet when the defense surprised the prosecution with a statement about bitcoin, the Government quickly paid FTI Consulting $55,000 to come up with an exhibit for court, presented by former FBI Silk Road investigator, Ilhwan Yum. This is the kind of power and money the individual is up against. In other words, thanks to the tax payer, the government has seemingly unlimited funds to hire whomever, whenever — including their former colleagues.

Interesting note: FTI Consulting also employs FBI agent Christopher Tarbell, the lead Silk Road investigator oddly missing from the trial.

Although this is only Yum’s second bitcoin case, and even though he did not actually do the majority of the work involved, he testified.   And, as has happened throughout the trial, the bitcoin exhibit was dropped on the defense with improper notice, allowing them no time to prepare. Joshua Dratel asked the court to give him a couple of hours to at least review the voluminous and complex exhibit before cross examination of the witness, but was denied.

Dratel moved to strike to Yum’s testimony because of this lack of proper notice and based on the fact that 60 percent of the work was done by someone who was not there as a witness. Yum gave no documentation of procedures implemented with respect to the very technical processes presented.