Roger Ver (AKA Bitcoin Jesus) well-known Bitcoin investor, entrepreneur and courageous spokesman for liberty, spoke on the Ed & Ethan podcast on July 19. Following is a transcript of some of Roger’s comments.

Roger Ver:

I don’t know if Ross Ulbricht was Dread Pirate Roberts or not. If he was, I think he’s a hero for setting up the website. For anybody who hasn’t logged on, it’s very clear that whoever set it up was a very principled, free market , voluntaryist type of person.  The website wasn’t about making money. It was about allowing people to trade freely with other individuals, free from the coercive violence of the state. So whoever set it up, whether it’s him or not, is a hero for having done that.

And I would say that there’s a 99.9% chance that all the stuff you heard about  the murder-for-hire in the media is just the government’s way of trying to separate support. Because if he had only been arrested for setting up a website that allowed people to buy and sell drugs he would have become a folk hero instantly. But suddenly people hear, oh supposedly he was hiring hitmen to murder other people and they get real uncomfortable about supporting anything like that, they distance themselves from that. I think the government had a huge amount of success in getting people not to support him because of that. If you look at it, they smeared his character in the media with that, and then when they actually came to charge him — his case is coming to trial Nov. 3 – they’re not charging him with any of that.

Another really scary thing that they’re trying to say is: basically what he’s accused of doing is setting up a platform that’s similar to e-bay but uses bitcoin and anonymous that allowed people to sell these illegal things. He’s not actually accused of having bought or sold any drugs, just having set up a platform that allowed other people to do those things. But if you think of it that way, what are cell phone companies? What’s the internet as a whole? What’s any sort of piece of technology? People can use technology in legal ways or illegal ways, in good ways or bad ways. Just because some other people use some piece of technology that was made in a certain way doesn’t mean that technology as a whole is bad or the person who created it should be held responsible for that. What about all the ISPs that provided the bandwidth that allowed people to connect with the Silk Road? Should they be held responsible for that as well? The obvious answer is no. The government’s really trying to over reach on this.

So anybody that thinks that individuals should be allowed to trade freely with others, I would recommend spending a moment and going over to and take a look at the information that’s on the site. If you’re feeling extra generous, donate a little of bitcoin their way. It really will help. He has a first-class attorney who’s really fighting hard for him, and boy what a win it would be for all the free market advocates if the attorney is able to succeed, if he is able to get the case thrown out or dismissed, or win at trial. That would be a huge, huge, huge win for everybody that supports individual rights and thinks that individuals have the right to put whatever they want in their body, despite what politicians write down on pieces of paper and call laws.

So please go to and take a look there and donate a little bit of money. And tweet about it, post on facebook and spread the word. This could be a huge opportunity for everybody in the entire world who is opposed to the war on drugs.