Going to court is always hard.  Last week was no different.  It is hard for our family to hear the accusations from the government.  It is hard for the accused, as they are transported before dawn and packed into various holding cells, shoulder to shoulder with many others, to wait hours for their court appearance.  Ross didn’t eat all day, preferring that to dealing with using the toilet in a room crammed with other guys.  He said that being briefly outside and seeing the open sky was almost overwhelming, so bright that he had to close his eyes.  The good part was being in a new environment, looking out the vehicle window, seeing the outside world.  The relentless sameness of detention wears away on inmates.
Murder-for-Hire, the most sensationalist and damning allegation of the government, was NOT a formal charge in the arraignment.  When Ross stood up and pled “not guilty” to each indictment presented by the judge, there was no mention of murder at all.   We have always known this claim was false.  Now it is an “uncharged crime,” a mention in the drug conspiracy charge.