I exit the subway, on my way to the prison to visit my son.  Trudging through several blocks of a dicey Brooklyn neighborhood (pepper spray gun in my pocket), I think of all the people making fortunes off bitcoins.  And how many seem to think that Ross’ family is among them.  Well, we don’t have, and never have had, bitcoins.  If we did, I would have taken a car service tonight!  But, with all that has hit us since Ross’ arrest, we pinch pennies.  For his part, Ross says he’s being frugal with what he buys through the prison commissary every two weeks.  (Of course I tell him to buy what he needs.  Right now it’s sweats, as the prison gets chilly).  So that’s great that others are profiting, but as for Ross and his family that’s not the case.

It has also come up that we raised $1million for bail, so we must have things covered.  Unfortunately, $1million worth of promises to pay if Ross skips bail is not $1million to spend on his defense.  We owe Ross’ attorneys a great deal of money already, and we are in the early stages of this battle.