Ross is often the one to remind us to look on the bright side and be grateful for the blessings we still have. When I see Ross…and how he remains friendly and kind to me and others in the unit, it gives me strength to do the same I know Ross would continue to set an example of how to be a strong and peaceful person if he were given his freedom. I can think of few who would deserve it more. Scott Stammers, fellow inmate

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Before Ross was sentenced, 100 people (friends, family, fellow inmates, business associates) who know him personally submitted letters to the judge. They attested to Ross’s character: his compassionate, generous, peace-loving nature and his ability to make a contribution to society. They begged the judge for the shortest possible sentence of 20 years. While Judge Forrest called the letters “impressive,” she nevertheless dismissed them and sentenced Ross to the maximum, just short of a death sentence.

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